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Modern Search Engine Marketing 101

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Modern Search Engine Marketing 101

Marketing is all about reaching the right people at just the perfect time. Modern marketers have found an incredible tool in search engine marketing, which allows them to do this with relative ease and minimal effort by using various innovative tools that are not only easy on their budgets but also provide a wide range of targeting options for specific consumer groups or geographical regions based off what you know about your audience already.

Marketers have taken notice, with both B2B and B2C marketers listing search engine marketing as their most widely used tool. Search engines have responded by updating their advertising programs to accommodate the needs of modern marketers.

Here are 5 search engine marketing trends and how to make the most of them:

1. Increased Character Limits

When the time comes for advertisers to describe their products and services, they often find themselves at a loss. This is because advertising has become so much more competitive in recent years with companies like Google putting increased pressure on Bing by allowing 80-character text ads as well as two 30-character headlines instead of just one 70-Character Headline and 25-character headline.

In order to stay on top of their game, advertisers should make sure that they are following all the new requirements. Along with basic information about your business and clear call-to actions in place there's no better way than including relevant keywords into ads which will help improve both SEO as well as show up higher during searches.

2. Responsive Ad Design

Responsive design has been a big trend for years now and it’s not going away any time soon. Along with adjusting your website's font size, you can also adjust the format of ads depending on where they're being shown- whether that be online or offline. This type of ads is known as native advertising.

Native ads are more likely than banner adverts to be seen by potential customers because they're designed for the platform. It is the new way to get around ad-blocking software. Studies show that these types of advertising can increase your viewing rate by 50%, meaning they're more likely than ever before.

3. Targeting by Device Type

Google has started allowing advertisers to target their ads by the device they’re being viewed on and bid as such. Bing took this a step further, allowing campaign performance data for each individual ad segmented out between mobile devices or desktops so you can optimize your campaigns accordingly.

More than just using the right keywords, it's important to design your ads in a way that will be seen by mobile device users. One way of doing this is through click-to call buttons on advertisements so you can connect with potential customers quickly and easily no matter where they're located.

4. Local Search Ads

Local searches are the best way to find your business. However, Google recently changed their ad display policy on Maps and now provides more assistance for this type of marketing campaign by showing promotions at businesses with promoted pins in Local Finder listings as well as highlighting specials through ads that appear alongside search results when users enter specific keywords near where they live or work.

5. Remarketing

Marketing is about reaching your target audience. With remarketing, you can personalize your contact with them. You choose who sees the ads and where they see it to make sure that only those interested in what's being advertised gets reached out too! Alongside their online purchasing habits as well as search engine preferences; you will further target your prospects by using demographic information about them such age/gender-based data if available for this specific audience segmentation purpose within marketing strategy plans - all designed around achieving maximum ROI.

This information can be used to write more effective ads that can be used as part of your overall search engine advertising campaign. Creating a customer persona is one of the first steps in this process.

Keeping up-to-date with current search engine advertising features can make your campaigns more effective. When combined with other marketing strategies, including mobile marketing and SEO, you can get the most reach for your advertising dollars through search engine marketing.

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