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If they only knew you were able to help them or the amazing value you provide.


If they only experienced your exceptional service, they would be your clients, customers or patients for life!


You provide an amazing service but you can’t seem to get it into enough hands.


Your business deserves to be known!


Let us take your amazing service to everyone of your ideal prospects in your area!


Are you ready to grow? If you've worked hard to establish a service and experience that truly helps people, we want to help you help as many people as possible.

Our digital growth operating system will be tailored to your specific business or practice and unleashed to help launch your business into a new level of sales and profitability.

Our Process


Your Journey Toward Marketing Success



What makes your organization tick? How do you measure success? In addition to gaining critical insights into what makes you different (and better) in your market, we also work together to quantify your goals, outline key performance indicators, and define your ideal client, creating an actionable buyer persona.

Creative Strategy

At this point, we’ve done the math. We’ve strategized, quantified and analyzed. We get it. We get your ideal clients. We get your industry. We get your brand. We know what the goals are and what we need to do to reach them. Now, we figure out how. This is where the magic happens.



This is where all the pieces come together and we launch your lead generation campaign. Leveraging big-data research and super targeted audience building, we implement the most effective digital marketing strategies, guide them down a funnel where we cultivate the "know, like you, trust you" factor and capture in-market leads to fill your sales pipeline.



Now we deliver you results. We deliver trackable, scaleable and predictable qualified lead generation that will enable you to fuel your business growth. We will nurture our efforts and learn from the mountain of data we will collect. We are obsessed with your bottom line. We will continue to fine tune our messaging, targeting, design and offer, to continually improve your success. 


How We Partner With You

We are Lead Generation Experts & Sales Funnel Junkies.

We show compelling ads to the people who are most likely to make purchases from you and lead them through a custom-built sales funnel that makes it easy for them to say, "YES! Take my money!" 

You know your customers. We know Marketing.

Our team of digital marketing experts create, manage and optimize your client acquisition campaigns, including retargeting and remarketing from Facebook, and Google, so that you can focus on your business.

Not every Marketing Agency is created equal.

At Montalvo Marketing, we don't simply market your products and services. We leverage the power of relationships and the latest digital marketing strategies to partner with you to build your brand, grow your business and increase your profits.

No hype, we really are good friends to have around. 

Every great client alliance starts with a clear and tailored strategy. We devise a plan of attack to capture audience attention, establish local dominance in your market, and ensure long-term success through high-quality lead generation. We aren't about cute. We are about profit.

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A List Of Services That We Offer In Our Marketing Packages

Story Branding
& Copy That Sells

Creative, compelling and persuasive writing is a central pillar of all effective marketing. It needs to engender trust and inspire action.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click ads have an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of first page exposure on major search engines, online advertising networks and social media platforms.

Sales Funnel Building & Design

A digital sales funnel is a powerful online sales tool that strategically guides your ideal prospect through a customized buying experience that leaves them excited about investing their money in your services.

Coaching & Consulting

We’ve developed an approach to shaping digital strategies for our clients that result in defining prioritized, cost-effective solutions that deliver a measurable Return On Investment.

Social media


An effective social strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with the audience.

Search engine


SEO offers a visible and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase of sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for our clients. 

Website design

& Development

A website should not just draw attention. The role of a website is to attract and engage the user, as well as communicate your brand and raise awareness about a product or service.

Email Marketing

We create tailored marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience to help advertise products and services in efforts to efficiently and effectively engage new customers.



Reputation Management can increase visibility, build up brand equity, and help generate advocacy all while building your online reputation. 

Conversion Rate


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) supports site performance by improving the ratio of site visitors converted into actual customers. 

Search engine


With hundreds of online directories and search platforms, in addition to the popular brands like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, we help position you to be discovered by your ideal prospects.

Content creation

& Video Marketing

Civilization was built by storytellers. We work with you to build a content strategy and frameworks that tell the stories that sell. With compelling content that builds trusts and inspires action.

Image illustrating the process of tailoring a marketing strategy to meet specific business goals


This is where we establish our relationship and set up the win.


This is where we find and attract your ideal customer toward you.

Image showcasing the user interface of Facebook's platform
Image illustrating the measurement of user actions on Facebook's advertising platform


This is where we guide them toward the sale and generate revenue.

About Us
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Your Marketing Team Has Arrived

At Montalvo Marketing, we believe in giving ideas wings by operating with a bias toward action. As your marketing team, you will have creative action takers that turn potential into profit. 


Our comprehensive Marketing Agency is based in Sanford, but works with clients near and far in order to help you transform the way you grow your business.

We Help You Get & Stay Ahead

Montalvo Marketing prioritizes the needs of each client. We strive to help you find and connect with your ideal client, patient or customer, through creative and effective marketing services.


We are a team of dreamers and doers that exists to empower value-driven entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve their dreams through revenue generation. If your product or service is improving lives we want to multiply your efforts!


We will work closely with you and your brand to create attention grabbing marketing strategies that produce measurable results.

Image of hands holding a pen and writing, representing the act of communication or note-taking
Professional portrait of Dr. Joel Hunter, founder of Hunter Vision

Dr. Joel Hunter,

Hunter Vision

I’m Joel Hunter and I started Hunter Vision (a refractive surgery ophthalmology group) in 2010. We’ve been through LOTS of different marketing and advertising campaigns. We’ve found that the best candidates (and conversion of said candidates into patients) has been when we can somehow connect person-to-person. It just takes ways to find people to connect with, which is a challenge. 

That’s what made Victor Montalvo’s claims (specifically, the ability to gather a large group of potential clients into one room) so intriguing. (For background, before Victor and his team, we were thrilled when anywhere from 5 to 10 people would come to a presentation on lens surgery.) He had enough history that we decided to move forward with him. Then he got to work.

There’s no amount of “Victor research” that would have prepared me for the amount of success he’s achieved for us. In just under two weeks, he somehow got us 97 qualified candidates. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with his work. Hopefully, the fact I took the time to write this and share the good news is telling.

I’m a Victor fan.

Professional portrait of Neil Kennedy, founder of Five Star Man

Neil Kennedy,

Five Star Man

Every hero needs a guide to help them win. You gain wisdom either through a mentor or through the pain. I recommend a mentor. I have access to some very gifted people. Frankly, that is why I asked Victor to help me in my efforts of messaging FIVESTARMAN. I highly recommend Montalvo Marketing to help guide you in your efforts to connect with people.

Testimonial photo of Reggie Michael, representative of Amalya Realty Group

Reggie Michel,

Amalya Realty Group

Entrepreneurs like Victor are rare. Where most are simply looking at their bottom line, Victor truly cares about the people he serves! I’m a firm believer in providing extreme value, quality, and service and thats exactly what you’ll get with him. The level of skill, care, and diligence when it comes to digital marketing not only gives you a better understanding of properly marketing today, but will help position your business for year-over-year increase!

Professional portrait of Byron Low, an experienced Executive Leadership Coach

Byron Low,

Executive Leadership Coach

Owning a business or starting a business can be great, but sometimes it can feel like it owns you. Does your business need to grow? Are you spending way too much time "IN" your business? Have you ever thought of asking an expert for help in working "ON" your business? Are you having difficulty finding repeat customers? If you answered, "YES" to any of these questions, then please consider reaching out to Victor Montalvo with Montalvo Marketing because Victor understands business. He understands the demands of being a business owner and he can help you gain the needed perspective so you can be more efficient in finding, connecting and growing your vital and loyal repeat customer base. He is a Marketing Master and he wants to teach you how to effectively find, connect and grow your customer base through Social Media and Email Campaigns. He's got lots of tools and tons of experience. Call him today and you will see for yourself that he is the real deal: An Expert Who Cares. He'll help you create a customized plan to grow your business!



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