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The #1 Social Media
Agency in Orlando, FL


Know Your

Choose the Right Social Channels

Knowing your ideal customer is a crucial first step in any social media marketing campaign.

If you want to be successful, then it's important that your message is heard loud and clear. You can't just share whatever content pops into mind - no matter how good or interesting- without engaging with an audience first.

Share Relevant

The content you share on social media should be engaging, informative and promotional. When customers reach out to your company for help or feedback they deserve an answer - that's why it is important not only to post relevant material but also keep in touch with followers by responding promptly.

Paid Advertising Solutions

With social media ads you can grow your business by reaching the customers who are most likely going to purchase from you through strategic segmentation.

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Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with customers and build your business. When people need help, they're more likely check Google first, but if you have an active social profile it'll be next on their list of places to look for information about what type of services or products you offer or if you can help them solve their problems.

The internet is a powerful tool, and social media platforms are essential for building your brand. Our team does all it can to help you reach the right audience with valuable information about what services you provide so that customers will be coming back again soon.

Our Social Media Marketing Approach

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Create Content Calendars

Monthly calendars can help you plan and create branded content that is custom-tailored to your business, especially if it's in a specific local area.

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Schedule Posts

You can be sure that your social media channels are always fresh, relevant and engaging with personalized content three times a week.

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Develop Strategy

We're experts at finding your target audience, understanding what they need and want from you. This gives us the best chance to create strategies that will work for both parties.

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Drive Engagement

What's more captivating than a personal photo or video? Personalized content is the best way to drive engagement on social media.

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Provide Reporting

With monthly tracking and reporting, we can see how your audience is responding to the content you're producing. You'll also be able to get a better handle on engagement rates as well as click-throughs for pages in order to make sure everything stays fresh.

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Manage Paid Social Campaign

Social media advertising can be an extremely effective way to grow your business. We will help you create custom audiences, split test ad copy and provide in-depth reporting that is tailored for the needs of your business.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Image illustration of a hand holding a pen
 Photograph of Dr. Joel Hunter of Hunter Vision

Dr. Joel Hunter,

Hunter Vision

I’m Joel Hunter and I started Hunter Vision (a refractive surgery ophthalmology group) in 2010. We’ve been through LOTS of different marketing and advertising campaigns. We’ve found that the best candidates (and conversion of said candidates into patients) has been when we can somehow connect person-to-person. It just takes ways to find people to connect with, which is a challenge. 

That’s what made Victor Montalvo’s claims (specifically, the ability to gather a large group of potential clients into one room) so intriguing. (For background, before Victor and his team, we were thrilled when anywhere from 5 to 10 people would come to a presentation on lens surgery.) He had enough history that we decided to move forward with him. Then he got to work.

There’s no amount of “Victor research” that would have prepared me for the amount of success he’s achieved for us. In just under two weeks, he somehow got us 97 qualified candidates. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with his work. Hopefully, the fact I took the time to write this and share the good news is telling.

I’m a Victor fan.

 Photograph of Neil Kennedy of Five Star Man

Neil Kennedy,

Five Star Man

Every hero needs a guide to help them win. You gain wisdom either through a mentor or through the pain. I recommend a mentor. I have access to some very gifted people. Frankly, that is why I asked Victor to help me in my efforts of messaging FIVESTARMAN. I highly recommend Montalvo Marketing to help guide you in your efforts to connect with people.

 Photograph of Reggie Michel of Amalya Realty Group

Reggie Michel,

Amalya Realty Group

Entrepreneurs like Victor are rare. Where most are simply looking at their bottom line, Victor truly cares about the people he serves! I’m a firm believer in providing extreme value, quality, and service and thats exactly what you’ll get with him. The level of skill, care, and diligence when it comes to digital marketing not only gives you a better understanding of properly marketing today, but will help position your business for year-over-year increase!

 Photograph of Byron Low, a Executive Leadership Coach

Byron Low,

Executive Leadership Coach

Owning a business or starting a business can be great, but sometimes it can feel like it owns you. Does your business need to grow? Are you spending way too much time "IN" your business? Have you ever thought of asking an expert for help in working "ON" your business? Are you having difficulty finding repeat customers? If you answered, "YES" to any of these questions, then please consider reaching out to Victor Montalvo with Montalvo Marketing because Victor understands business. He understands the demands of being a business owner and he can help you gain the needed perspective so you can be more efficient in finding, connecting and growing your vital and loyal repeat customer base. He is a Marketing Master and he wants to teach you how to effectively find, connect and grow your customer base through Social Media and Email Campaigns. He's got lots of tools and tons of experience. Call him today and you will see for yourself that he is the real deal: An Expert Who Cares. He'll help you create a customized plan to grow your business!

 Photograph of Victor Montalvo with his wife

Why Montalvo Marketing?

We, at Montalvo Marketing, are passionate for creating strong and meaningful partnerships. Our holistic, data-driven approach to digital marketing will help you grow through strategic and user focused strategies that drive results time after time again! We’ve helped our partners achieve long term success with focus on all aspects of growing any brand - from creating content strategy to developing influencer campaigns right down how we execute those plans within targeted online platforms.


Services We Offer:


Social Media

Web Design

Reputation Management

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