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  • Victor Montalvo

What the Latest Instagram Algorithm Update Means for Your Business

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Instagram has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms in use today. With over 4 million posts per second and 75% taking an action after viewing, there’s no shortage for potential customers on this social media site.

When it comes to social media, there are always new updates happening. And while many companies may have been able to use Instagram as an affordable marketing tool in the past because they could rely on paid advertising campaigns or ads that weren't too expensive for businesses who wanted their messages out there but didn’t need high follower counts—those days seem long gone now with most users blocking sponsored content from appearing before them unless someone sponsors something specifically related to what you're trying promote- which means if your company doesn't already have a large following then getting started will cost serious cash.

Instagram has made changes to their algorithm in order to improve the user experience. These updates include recent changes and new features like Stories, Reels or even Comment sections which are all designed with one intention-to give you what's best for your feed.

CEO of Instagram Adam Moressi said in a tell-all blog post that the platform wants “to make the most of your time, and we believe that using technology to personalize your experience is the best way to do that.”

The changes are making it more difficult for businesses to get noticed. To help you navigate these shifts, let's look at how they affect your business’s ability to reach customers and what you can do about them.


The changes to your feed are ongoing and ever evolving, yet the vast majority of users still view it in a certain way. Recent updates include an option for favorites or following feeds while there's rumored space on still images posts which will allow more room per image depending upon how you choose to display them.

Perhaps the biggest recent change announced by Moressi was the turning tides of ranking towards original content. In a public statement, Moressi said “If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you’re re-sharing something you found from someone else. We’re going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to re-posted content.”

With the introduction of Reels, Instagram has been prioritizing more reactive video content in competition with TikTok. The new feed lessens repeating posts from multiple users and instead provides re-fashioned footage that is less refined than before.

As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, Instagram is also rumored to be experimenting with changing the dimensions of still image posts to fill the screen in a similar way to reels.

If you love posting pictures on Instagram, be prepared for the change. The site is rumored to add a blurred border around non-square images in order to make them fit new dimensions of its app store page.

Not only could this ruin your aesthetic, but you may also see more portrait images in the news feed by algorithm.


The changes made to Instagram's algorithm over the last couple of years have hurt businesses' organic growth.

There are many ways to increase the rankings of your posts on social media. One way is by posting original content, which can seem like a big ask but will mean that you get rewarded for going through the trouble of creating an infographic rather than just reposting one from elsewhere online - even if they're pictures or videos.

The importance of content cannot be overstated. A real, thorough and diverse range is what will keep consumers coming back for more - they want to see everything from product footage all the way down through how-to guides on using those products! Instagram should provide your business with an immersive experience; don't just post picturesque shots outside logos slung across town but also inside facilities where work happens day after day.


The new Instagram algorithm update is making it more difficult for businesses to reach their followers. Luckily, with some careful marketing your brand can still expand its audience and increase engagement on the platform's newest features.

To do this, you’ll first have to focus on creating high-quality content. You can do this by using Reels and Stories to experiment with a variety of original content. Reels are an important factor in getting someone’s attention in their feed; they’re essentially another form of advertising that allows you to feature a series of products.

IGTV offers brands new opportunities for video content creation: if you have the resources available or know someone who does (such as an influencer), consider featuring their videos on your own channel. This will not only generate interest from potential customers but also show off what makes yours special.

These changes may seem daunting but if you keep posting quality content and engaging with your audience, you should see success on the platform.

Remember, you’re not alone — Instagram wants to give content creators and small businesses the best opportunity to get their content seen.

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