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Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

The fact that you’re reading this probably means your marketing needs are growing. You either need a hand with the mounting responsibilities, or looking for an agency to take on all of them and scale up. You are about to embark on a journey that could make or break your company. Whether you’re looking for an agency partner, one with experience in digital marketing strategy and design; it all depends what kind of game plan they have laid out before even meeting with potential clients—and their willingness (or eagerness) at putting everything into achieving these goals is just as important. You will have to take your time and think about what you really want. At this point, there are countless options so it's important not just go with anything.

What should I look for when hiring a digital marketing agency?

Narrowing down your options means identifying which of the many reasons you need a marketing agency. You should never leave it up to chance because there are particular challenges with your brand - narrowing this search becomes crucial for success. This is a dilemma. If you ask the right firm for help, they will all have different answers depending on who sends them.

The social media company would say more about networking and engagement while an advertising agency might answer with ads or branding campaigns to boost awareness around their brand's products/services; but when it comes down content marketing- there are so many opinions thrown out into this debate that no one really knows what works best in today’s marketplace. But you get the idea. Knowing your brand’s needs will help determine which agencies can develop and execute the right strategy to propel it forward in today's competitive market.

What questions should I ask my digital marketing agency?

It's a tough decision to choose the right digital marketing company. Naturally, you want your future agency partner for this project-assessment interviews and assessments so they can meet specific deliverables essential in their industry of expertise with what it takes from yours at home base or within your business' needs! But how do we rate each answer when there might be multiple responses from different companies?

How do you evaluate a digital marketing agency?

You and your business need to be on the same page when it comes to how you want growth. The most important thing is that both parties know what they're doing, so they can only really come from good old fashioned asking questions. Here are some key ones:

1. Are You Official Partners with Top Search Engines?

One of the first signs that an SEO or SEM agency is high level is having a Google Partner badge. If they have this, it means their employees are certified by Google AdWords and up-to-date with all latest innovation in the marketing sphere. Apart from checking for Bing Accreditation too.

2. Is Any Aspect of Your Work Outsourced?

You need a partner you can trust, so your agency should be transparent about who's working on the account. This means having someone in-house or as close to it as possible for every campaign and project--a point of contact ready at all times if something goes wrong with any aspect of their work that needs addressing immediately (or even just checking up). White label agencies offer this type of service too but without being able to name specific staff members running things behind closed doors - which could lead people down mistaken paths when trying to fix problems themselves later.

3. What tools do you use in your business?

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect and who will be working with, it's time for the nitty-gritties. Marketing tools are not created equally but each agency has their own niche in which they specialize so make sure your choice is right! Social media agencies should use Later or Buffer email campaigns that require ConvertKit MailChimp while SEO specialists might need SEMrush Ahrefs services as well.

4. How Do You View Our Brief?

There will be some back and forth with your brief. But while the average agency seeks to execute it quickly, a great one challenges aspects of that same plan in order for them to both grow as marketers together- you want this because it helps provide perspective from an outside party who knows what they're doing. Be sure not only to ask for feedback on ideas but also allow those around you time so you may assess their strategy abilities or new things thought up at any point along the way.

5. Can You Name Some of Your Previous Clients?

You should always do your research when it comes to finding the right agency for you. The best way is by checking out what previous clients have experienced with them, but also make sure that any conflict of interest has been avoided and they are able-bodied in multiple sectors.

6. How Can We Expect You to Work with Us on a Daily?

You need a strategic partner in your digital agency. Digital agencies are not only about execution, but they’re also integral to the way you plan for and think through challenges - which is essential when it comes time to devise strategies that fuel marketing goals. As such, understand how these partners work with each other on a day-to-day basis so both parties know where their responsibilities lie from here out.

7. What Are the Greatest Achievements of Your Agency?

This question aims to understand how an agency delivers value and whether it can replicate these achievements in your situation. Look for successful blog posts or case studies of previous clients, preferably those who are similar businesses like yours with revenue generating capabilities already established before entering into the partnership of which there was undoubtedly considerable financial risk involved due (1) their expertise as marketers; (2) building relationships/trust between themselves based on professional service delivery over time: all things we know great agencies put effort into achieving too.

8. Do You Specialize in Any Marketing Software?

Marketing automation software is becoming more common these days, and if you're using one of the major platforms like HubSpot then it'll be important to make sure your new agency has experience with this particular type. You can look out for certification from other companies too - there are over 2000 certified partners on their list.

9. How do You Plan to Increase my Conversion Rate?

Avoid getting too vested in the talk of traffic and visibility. An agency with an in-house web development team can better address your website's conversion rate, on page SEO & make needed changes to bring quick results for maximum return on investment. Find out how these professionals plan make changes for quick results. If possible let them outline steps taken when addressing certain problems before just assuming anything will work - it might not be as easy or effective if things aren't discussed beforehand.

10. What Strategies Have You Executed for Your Brand Successfully?

To establish whether an agency can deliver on their promises, simply switch your focus from the marketing objectives of your brand and assess them by how they achieve growth. If a digital marketing company practices what it preaches then you know for sure that this is someone worth working with.

11. What Are the Costs Involved?

First, you need to discuss your prospective marketing agency’s budget with them. They will have a pretty good idea of how much money is needed for successful campaigns and can give some insight into what type or style will suit best within this price range. Next, make sure you know the return on investment that can be expected after signing a contract with any given agency. What deliverables do they promise and when will these results come into fruition? Is there an initial term of service for my investment in them which I'm looking at getting out before its time or am I committing indefinitely? Ask yourself if this partnership comes cheap enough without penalty should things not work out as planned- maybe try other places first.

12. How to You Evaluate Success?

Marketing is more than just a series of campaigns. It involves understanding how your campaign efforts are affecting you financially and what data analytics show about their impact on metrics, benchmarks or analysis tools that they use for this purpose in order to make claims believable with supporting evidence from firsthand knowledge

The best marketing agencies will take time explaining all these details so don't be fooled by jargon-heavy explanations.


You want to make sure that the agency has what it takes, even if you have questions on your mind about them not being answered here or any other way - just ask. There could be things which don't appear in this list but still need addressing before long-term partnerships are made between both parties; after all these stakes involved require attention and care (and sometimes mistakes happen).

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