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Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 and How to Take Advantage of Them

Digital marketing is always changing and evolving, but 2022 will likely hold some dramatic changes. Businesses must plan for the future of digital marketing as well be prepared to take advantage. Here are trends that you should keep an eye on in order to not only stay ahead of your competition but succeed at what matters most -- growing your business. META IS EVERYWHERE Facebook has officially changed its name to Meta. While it makes sense that Google became Alphabet, Facebook’s bet on virtual and augmented experiences means there is still a future for the web in this endeavor- which they believe will be called 'The Metaverse'. Tip: Marketers should start looking for ways to take advantage of these new opportunities. INFLUENCERS CONTINUE TO GROW (B2B INCLUDED) Influencers are becoming the go-to for marketing and advertising. With their personal connections, they provide context that traditional advertisements can't match — not just relevance but also sincerity which makes them a more engaging form of content than any ad could ever hope to be. Brands have been embracing this trend wholeheartedly; Adobe has received substantial success with influencer campaigns while SAP has seen high conversions from its use as well.

Tip: Marketers should look for opportunities to partner with influencers in their space. ADVERTISING IS CHALLENGED BY PRIVACY Artificial intelligence is on the rise. The need for more data has led to a decrease in advertisement effectiveness, but new regulations are being put into place that will soon change how these programs function. Tip: Marketers should assess the impact that this will have on their advertising and be proactive. MARKETERS GET MORE STRATEGIC Marketing is a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. As automation takes away some of the grunt work Digital Marketing has to offer, marketers need be more strategic in their approach and use different options available for success now than they did before. Tip: Marketers must think strategically to focus on what really drives their business growth. LINKEDIN IS GROWING LinkedIn has been a rising star in the digital space with their constant releases of new features. For example, they just launched two major updates that are expected to help businesses grow even more and attract high quality connections. Tip: Marketers should go all-in on LinkedIn.

SEO IS LESS GAME AND INTEGRATED Search engine optimization is an ancient art that has served marketers for ages. As the search algorithms have become smarter and more contextual, SEO needs to focus less on tricks and nuances in order to produce a meaningful experience with their content for users--a true return on investment. Tip: Marketers should focus less on SEO and more on excellent user experience.

EXPERIENCE IS THE NEW SOCIAL CURRENCY The world is becoming noisier, and people are using social media more. This means that businesses must invest in earned media, or word-of-mouth marketing campaigns if they want their company's product/service known by everyone who interacts with the internet userbase. Tip: To earn social media word-of-mouth, marketers should focus on creating experiences at every stage of their interactions with customers.

DIGITAL JOBS CONTINUE TO GROW One of the most common skills desired by businesses is digital expertise. Yet, according to LinkedIn there's a huge gap between what they're looking for and who has those qualifications available. Tip: Marketers should upskill to stay relevant, and leaders should have digital upskill plans for their organization.

FACEBOOK (META) DOESN’T GO ANYWHERE There are so many headlines about people who have left Facebook, but the truth is that it's not going anywhere. In fact, with a current user base of almost 3 billion and monthly growth rates at an impressive 80 million new users per month; there will always be someone waiting in line to take your spot. Tip: Without a doubt, Facebook will continue to dominate. Marketers should assume that way. WEBSITES GET FASTER As Google launched Core Web Vitals, speed will become more important. With smartphones and tablets mobile-oriented in nature; however, most websites are not fully optimized for such devices which means visitors get a sub-par experience when they visit your site with one of these gadgets instead of their regular laptop or desktop computer (which may have been used before). Tip: Marketers must make sure their website is optimized. EVERYTHING IS ALGORITHM-DRIVEN Digital marketing is becoming an algorithm-driven mess. Every part of it, from social media newsfeeds and display ads to SEO strategies or even email messages are all being optimized by different sets of algorithms which work in tandem with each other towards one goal: user experience (UX). Tip: In order to stay relevant, marketers need a user experience that customers want or their content will be less visible. LESS IS MORE Due to the explosion of digital marketing options, many businesses are spread too thin across too many channels. Smart business focus on dominating one particular channel in order for them succeed and be successful. Tip: Marketers should get more focused and aim to do fewer things better. Digital marketers often get distracted by shiny new digital objects. Yet the truth is, most business growth still comes from foundational tools in this field and it's important not to forget about them when you're all hyped up on trends or platforms that may come out tomorrow! Don't spend your time optimizing a base execution only for potential success - instead focus more heavily on what matters now: optimize how well customers interact with your brand online today so they continue coming back next month even if there are changes around every corner.

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