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Best Email Marketing Practices to Generate Leads

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Have you implemented email marketing in your digital strategy? If you answered no, now is the time to do so. With the right strategy in place, you will be able to convert prospects into paying customers who truly value your brand. This isn't always easy but it's worth all of those hours spent on research and planning. Your business can use email marketing to generate leads and increase revenue. But how do you get started? This guide is for entrepreneurs who want their messages heard. It is important to always ensure that you do not buy into email lists. If your content ends up in the trash or spam folder, then it's gone for good. This is a great way of ensuring that your emails are only reaching those who want them. There's no need for prospects' free will in deciding whether or not they should receive an email, because you'll be sending it just like any other commercial - which means the customer is already on board! Plus... it’s illegal! Now that you have a curated list of prospects who subscribed to your email list through organic website traffic and membership sign-ups, it’s time for the next step in optimizing them: Lead Scoring. This tactic will filter which ones are worth opening more often than not with high value content or offers tailored just for these individuals. With this refined list of prospects, your brand will be able to obtain higher conversion rates and a greater return on investment as you are being focused on where it matters most. Using the same process of organizing your prospects, you’ll now want to create an optimized list for sending them emails. There are many tactics that work well when drafting these messages but one thing I always recommend is using some creativity by thinking outside-the box.

  • Name the offer in the subject line, in a fun, intriguing way that will make your viewer interested!

  • Keep the main message and call to action above the fold.

  • Include a personalized touch by adding your name and having a sign-off; viewers love it.

  • Have a clean and concise email – no one likes too much content at one time!

Using a cleverly written subject line is more likely to make someone open your email. For example, “25% off the ENTIRE site” will have them clicking away before they can even finish reading what's inside because it sounds exciting and different from other emails that might be coming in simultaneously. This line introduces an incentive that will be received if you choose to purchase with them, ultimately decreasing their opportunity cost. This will create the feeling of “FOMO”. Fear of missing out and entice readers to browse your website and shop. Keeping your main message and call-to action in clear view is important when designing an email or phone call. This means making sure that the first thing people see after opening it without scrolling down contains these key points so they know what's going on from a glance. The contents of the email above-the fold are what's going to keep your readers' attention and be a driving source for whether they become paying customers. Not everyone opens every message, so if you have something important in that first impression then make sure it stands out. This study was done on users’ scrolling and attention spans tell them that nearly 57% of users’ page-viewing time is above the fold (information that is visible without scrolling). Therefore, they can use this information to their advantage by making sure the most important details are included above this fold. Your personalized email is a great way to stand out from the crowd. It will ensure that your recipient feels special and valued, which in turn increases their trustworthiness when they receive information or an offer through this type of communication channel. To make sure you have all bases covered while crafting these messages, here’s what else should be included: A personal greeting – even if it's just “Hi!"; signature/signoff at end - like "Thanks for reading!" When you're addressing a letter, it is important to include your contact's name and signature. This way they know that there really are people on the other end reading their mail. What is the key to successful customer relationships? Authenticity! My last tip, a very simple one, but crucial… is to keep your email clean and concise. No one wants to spend longer than they must, to read an email. Remember to keep things visually appealing, straight-to the point and summarized in an intriguing way. By doing this, you are allowing prospects to gather just what they need to move forward with the buying process. So don’t overthink it, quality is always better than quantity! To start your journey with email marketing, here are some of their favorite email marketing apps that we love here at Montalvo Marketing:

Need some extra guidance and assistance with your email marketing channels? Contact our team to receive a free consultation!

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