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Are you Getting the Most Out of Search Advertising?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Are you Getting the Most Out of Search Advertising?

One thing is certain from 2020-online spending isn't going anywhere! Online ad spends have increased consistently over the last few years despite changes across all industries which make it difficult to predict what's coming up next; however, general consensus seems to point toward continued growth moving forward. The total amount of spending on touch points, which include desktop, mobile and tablets is expected to increase at least 10% this year. Overall growth will be the highest it has been since 2018 with some areas seeing as much as 25%. This means that your brand can expect increased conversions if you put more effort into customer service across all devices.

How did the pandemic affect search advertising?

A new trend in shopping is emerging. People want to be able to order things easily and have them delivered directly to their front door without having a large number of advertisements when they search online for something. This means that advertisers are starting to spend more money on ads targeting customers who already know what product or service they will likely buy so as not to waste advertising dollars on people who won't actually purchase anything at all if there's too many options presented right away.

How can search advertising increase conversions?

The best way to reach your audience is where they're already at. And right now everyone's online, so increasing conversions through search engine marketing works with a consistent strategy and well-researched keyword usage.

Targeting audiences can be taken further by combining other targeted points like website visits or interests or behaviors, which use custom audiences that make sure ads are working their hardest to reach the correct users.

There are various conversions that can exist within the user journey, and each should have a desired CPA. Segment campaigns or ad groups by different users so they do not overlap with one another. Organize keywords into types such as priority keywords (low hanging fruit), longtail, impression share, and competition to name a few of these keyword types.

How can search advertising increase sales?

To optimize your campaigns, start by dividing them into useful segments based on keyword groupings. Once you have these divisions made, use different bid strategies for each one that will control costs using a Target CPA (cost per action).

When you have a successful three-prong approach to your marketing, then it is more likely that people will pay attention. Your communication should be targeted and concise as opposed to unfocused advertising with no particular audience in mind.

What Now?

Remember to craft your ads in such a way that you call your reader back to your site, product page, or subscription link.

Learn to write catchy CTAs to get the most out of your Search Ads, and make it a lead magnet.

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