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  • Victor Montalvo

2023: How to Leverage Personalization for Your Business

Showing someone you understand them is one of the most effective ways to engage with them. By tailoring your approach around their name, interests and preferences, it's easier than ever to capture -and keep- a person’s attention.

With personalization being a key part of marketing, it can be difficult to create compelling user experiences due to tight time and resource constraints. But with some strategizing and creativity, you can still provide your audience with individualized customer journeys that will keep them engaged.

Despite time restrictions, the opportunity for businesses to succeed has never been greater. Advancements in data and technology have given them access to more information than ever before - allowing companies of all sizes an unprecedented chance at delivering remarkable customer experiences that stand out from their competition.

NEEDS MORE CONVINCING? Consumers expect personalization: Consumers crave personalization when browsing online and shopping in-person; they expect brands to be knowledgeable of their preferences, behaviors, and needs.

Personalization can drive sales: Crafting relevant, targeted messages can pay off - they often produce better results in terms of engagement.

It helps build customer loyalty: By gaining an understanding of what customers need and want, businesses can create satisfied repeat shoppers time after time.

AI is making it easier: With AI and machine learning, businesses can tap into a whole new level of customer insights. By monitoring user behavior, companies can gain an understanding not just of what customers are doing now—but predicting the purchases they'll make in the future.


There are two key things to focus on as you get started: zero-/first-party data and finding the right tools.

Zero & First-Party Data

Zero-party data is a powerful tool that can help your business better understand its customers. As opposed to traditional consumer data, zero-party info focuses on what customers voluntarily share with companies - such as contact and purchase information or quiz results, they actively offer up. This detailed insight allows businesses to more effectively personalize interactions with their patrons for improved engagement levels.

Unlock valuable insights with your own data. First-party info such as demographics, browsing history or abandoned shopping carts can be collected through websites and apps to give you a better understanding of the customer journey.

Combining both zero- and first-party data offers a powerful opportunity to gain valuable insight into your customers, enabling you to create targeted audience segments likely to receive relevant marketing messages.

The Right Personalization Tool

Even with your existing tools, you can go a long way. By collecting and analyzing the appropriate data for each customer segment, you'll be able to craft unique experiences tailored just for them. Are you prepared to revolutionize customer engagement? Dive into the world of cutting-edge personalization tools that help your business gain valuable insights and create unforgettable experiences tailored just for them. Now is the time! Lytics, Segment, and Acquia CDP are great for collecting data from multiple sources to expand your audience profiles. Ninetailed, Clearbit, and even Google Optimize are for you if you’re looking to build custom landing or web page experiences. As the business landscape continues to expand in 2023, it's clear that personalization is key for companies striving for success. With custom experiences tailored directly to each customer, businesses can not only bolster engagement and sales but also establish a strong sense of loyalty from their audience.

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